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I find this so damn funny every. fucking. time.

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trying to be comfortable in my own skin.

it’s pretty fucked up that I haven’t seen my boyfriend in two weeks cause he doesnt like someone I live with. I don’t know if that makes me selfish or him…

this is our morning conversation. im such a nice girlfriend hahaha. ♥

They said the pain would decrease.
They said missing would evaporate.
They said I would forget you.
They said it would be better not to talk to you.

I still know the sound of your voice.

They lied.

— It’s been over a year and I still miss you.  (via s-adfairy)

this is my “I don’t want too get out of bed. ” selfie.

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❝ Let someone love you just as you are. As flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you might feel, as unaccomplished as you might think you are; let someone love you just as you are. And let that someone be you. ❞

— Sandra King (via a-thousand-words)


Words of Emotion

❝ I wonder if you ever talk about missing me to anyone. ❞

— (via the-psycho-cutie)


Words of Emotion

❝ I am made for autumn. Summer and I have a fickle relationship, but everything about autumn is perfect to me. Wooly jumpers, Wellington boot, scarves, thin first, then thick, socks. The low slanting light, the crisp mornings, the chill in my fingers, those last warm sunny days before the rain and the wind. Her moody hues and subdued palate punctuated every now and again by a brilliant orange, scarlet or copper goodbye. She is my true love. ❞

A recipe for Rowan Jelly by Alys Fowler (via ablogwithaview)

even though things change, itll always be the same for me.

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